Public Message from Our Lady of Emmitsburg
To Gianna Talone-Sullivan
August 6, 2022, Feast of the Transfiguration
St. Joseph Carmelite Monastery

My dear little ones,

Praised be Jesus! Pray. Pray. Pray for Peace. Pray for America.

Jesus brought Peter, James, and John up to Mount Tabor, and there they saw what Eternal Life, and the Light of God are, and they did not want to leave. People who die and come back to life do not want to leave the beauty of this Eternal Light of Love surrounding them.

God is inviting each person to this Light, and to live the Kingdom of God now, which is within you. So many people are chasing after different earthly desires. Only one thing is necessary: For God to be your Light, Life and Love. Live for Him in all things. The Holy Spirit will guide you in Truth and show you the way. Those who live for His Glory and in Him are safe and protected.

Please do not be distracted with things of this world. Make the appropriate preparations, as My Son has been guiding and instructing various Ambassadors of Light.

Unfortunate circumstances may arise, but if you remain faithful to Him, even if you stray, you will be found. Like a lost lamb Jesus will bring you back. Do not be discouraged during times of trial. Those close to Him are drawn to His intimacy of Love. Desire to imitate My Son, and follow Him. This is how to attain the summit of His Love. If you want to be distinguished in His Love, you must walk His Passion. You must accept to follow Him.

Jesus is the bridge to the Father. Have Hope and tranquility of heart.

I love you little ones and desire you to grow in Love and Holiness in My Son.
I bless you, little ones, in the name of my Son Jesus, who has allowed one to be here with you.

Ad Deum