Public Message from Our Lady of Emmitsburg
To Gianna Talone-Sullivan
November 1, 2022

My dear little children, praise be Jesus!

My son has chosen me to invite all the world to live in His peace and joy. I desire to protect all precious souls within my Immaculate Heart. My Son revealed the Truth and reality of His Love. His Merciful Heart cleanses and forgets the sins of the world to those who desire and truly trust in His Word. He is present among you. He is not in a far, distant place. This is His Kingdom, and you can live in His Kingdom now, as always, within His Love. I have told you several times that the Kingdom of God Lives within you and you are able to tap into His Love. But apparently many do not really believe my words because if they did, they would be living in peace with one another. People are abusing the freedom that was outlined by your forefathers through their words “In God We Trust.” Instead, many are not trusting in God. In fact, they are chasing after momentary pleasures and demanding changes in this world.

People would be trusting and standing firm in His Love if they truly desired freedom and believed in Him. Freedom does not come through corruption, crime, lies, control, addictions, violence, socialism, or communism. This world would not be in this present condition, and, I would not have to mention this again.

My Son will never forsake you. He is present to all who desire Him. This does not mean that your prayer requests and agendas will always go according to your plan. He is always present to you, in times that are good and bad. Seek first and always to do His Divine Will. In fact, there is really nothing else you should desire. Please know children that it is my joy to call you to be in union with Him.

I know many of my children are trusting and do believe in His Merciful Love. My loving heart will remain with you and guide you, but you must fight and now stand for the Truth. Do not despair.

The meekness and sweetness of His gaze alone could save all the world from destruction. However, will He find Faith, Trust, and Love as tensions in this world increase? I invite you to stand firm, pray, persevere, hope, and make the preparations as if you were to flee. Just like I and St. Joseph had to flee to protect Jesus. However, do not despair! Remember that only God the Father knows the exact hour.

Stay close and invoke my Immaculate Heart in times of need little children. Cover yourselves with the Precious Blood of my Merciful, Saving Son. Call on your Lord and Savior for protection along with the Archangels, Angels, and Saints.

In the darkness is anticipation of joy and a new beginning.

Peace to you.

Ad Deum