My dear little children, praise be Jesus!

Little ones, as your Mother my Heart anguishes for all those who do not believe. My suffering comes from my beloved priests who should be unifying and forming together with strong faith all the people in all the communities, instead of pursuing disbelief.

Pray and change!

If you are Catholic, pray your rosary. If you are Christian (non-Catholic) reflect on the words of the Gospel. Each of you, proclaim the Good News! Look to yourself to be Jesus Himself.

Freedom today comes through action, not indifference. If the people of your country (USA) are indifferent, even to the words from Heaven, how much more indifferent are they to Peace? The children from generations before you, your parents and your grandparents and your great grandparents, who lived at the time of the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, World War I, World war II, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War, knew what “freedom” really meant…..Bust so many today are indifferent and do not really and truly know the meanings of “war” and peace”.

You cannot be indifferent! You must pray and you must love!…… When God the Father decides to act, not even I will be able to stop Him! Are you prepared for a new tomorrow?

Thank you for offering yourself to God here at the Center of My Immaculate Heart where my Son, the Child Jesus, dwells welcoming all children of all ages, creeds and races, to seek refuge and be cleansed, to be made whole and new.

Gianna’s Perspective

We need to be very vigilant now and be careful how we view issues and avoid indifference. There are so many issues, cultural, political and religious changes currently happening leading towards a one-world government which has been foretold by Our Blessed Mother. It seems the powers to be are using this pandemic as its platform for these changes causing fear, leading to mandatory vaccinations, drastic cultural and religious changes and our current Pontiff is even pressing for a one-world government and not supporting our priests on life issues, all happening under the pandemic phenomenon. We are allowing things to unfold without taking a stance for the Truth. Before we will know, our freedom will be taken away and we will be instruments of control. Are we prepared for the new tomorrow?