This Rosary of Glory was given to Gianna by Our Lady of Emmitsburg. Our Lady said she can pray the
prayers with us as we pray them. She said when we pray the rosary as we know it, she will not pray the
Hail Mary, but will pray the other prayers with us. The Rosary of Glory is very powerful.

[The Rosary of Glory is prayed with regular rosary beads.]

You start the Rosary of Glory just as you would when you pray the rosary: Creed, Our Father, 3 Hail
Mary’s and a Glory Be.

On the Our Father Beads:

Pray “Jesus, it is through Your blood we are consecrated to You and You to us”.

On the Hail Mary beads:

Pray “Glory be to the Father, and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit, as it was in the beginning is now
and ever shall be, world without end Amen.”

(There is no Glory Be at the end of the decades.)

At the end of the Rosary of Glory you pray:

Glory, Glory, Glory Alleluia. It is today we are consecrated to You.