“Many people (a very great percentage currently in your world) desire to reach sanctification through their own designs. They desire to travel a path marked with fallacies and superficial piety which lead only to further degradation, corruption and chaos.”(From Gianna below)

When we drive through any city or town, or even country side, not many minutes go by before we pass a Christian church. They’re clearly being sustained by someone, members, benefactors, or both, yet we rarely see or hear the word of God outside of those walls, which makes me wonder what we’re hearing inside of those walls. Anyone who does espouse or preach the Word of God outside of those walls tends to be labeled as “kooky,” or even radical. In fact it seems to be getting to where preaching the Word inside of those walls almost gets deemed kooky or radical by the masses at large. Is the Word real, or is it not? Are we truly living The Word? Or are we adjusting the Word to be more compatible with “the world?” Do we actually believe in God, or are we going through motions adjusting an ancient myth to fit our worldly paradigm?
Yet what is happening outside of those walls in reality? War, death, overt promiscuity leading to disease and abortion, biological social control, moral decay of all kinds, and an unprecedented wall of political division created by big interests with lots of money looking to gain power for themselves. Complete Godlessness. So how is adjusting God to fit the narrative working out for us? The trend seems far from positive, yet we’ve reached a point in society where actually pointing out moral decay is deemed “mean,” or “thoughtless.” Holding anyone accountable for their actions tends to accrue for us negative labels like “sexist,” or “racist,” when that accountability would be a path to true freedom if we actually embraced it, and lived in the Word as opposed to the narratives of the world. Even our church hierarchies, whether Catholic or Protestant are adjusting their policies to fit the world, as opposed to preaching the Word and working to bring the world back to the Kingdom which Jesus has not only called us to do, He humbled Himself to the point of death when He showed us to His Way, His Truth, and His Eternal Life. There truly is a way out of the abyss we’re rapidly falling into, but how determined are we really to acknowledge the truth? The truth of His Passion, death, resurrection and eternal life that is ours if we only open ourselves up to it? We need to remember that the “father of lies,” the evil one is truly “prowling about the world seeking the ruin of souls,” yet he is doing nothing but creating a temporary comfort zone for us that we can’t see the way out of. Not because we can’t see it, but because we choose not to see it. The Way out doesn’t make us happy or popular in the moment, so we choose to ignore it, and remain immersed in the immorality and lack of true conscience that we’ve been programmed to embrace.
The good news is, I also see much positivity in our Christian communities as well. People from many cultures and ethnicities working together in harmony to spread and share His truth and His light, contrary to the narrative claiming that we’re all “racist,” and actually need “government help and control” to make ourselves “less racist,” and bring us back to a place of unity. God is real, God is love, and we are loved. We are all one body in Him, and our souls only know division if it’s falsely foisted upon us. It’s up to us to discern, and to use His light to illuminate the falsehoods we’re so deeply immersed in. To love each other and to spread His Truth, now and into eternity. In perfect love. All in, and totally His.❤️🙏

As told to Gianna Talone Sullivan, I am your Jesus of Mercy Vol V
In private chapel at home
October 5, 1995
My Blessing of Peace
“My dear little one, My blessing of peace is for all who desire it. My
blessing, however, encompasses both love and pain; for both good
and evil exist. If only love existed, joy would sustain the world;
but there also exists evil, and much pain and sorrow have surfaced.
My peace is for all who experience love, joy and pain or sorrow.
My peace can exist in all situations and circumstances. My peace
is unending, and it is abiding in the grace of My love. Many of My
beloved people are suffering on the cross, yet they know the cross
is their sanctification, which glorifies the Father; and therefore,
they accept the will of God and possess great peace. Much of the
world today does not desire sanctification through the means of
My cross. Many people (a very great percentage currently in your
world) desire to reach sanctification through their own designs.
They desire to travel a path marked with fallacies and superficial
piety which lead only to further degradation, corruption and chaos.
No longer do My people desire to follow My Word. Instead they
desire to revise My Word and then follow it. In revising the Word.
they live a word made by humankind. My people no longer are
open for Me to be their God. Their hearts have grown cold, and
they have grown stubborn in their ways.
I, your Lord God Who Am, desire to free all from captivity. I
would free them from their enemies. I would fill them with the finest
gifts. But they desire not to heed My voice, so I have left them to
their own designs in their stubborness. They desire to be free from
the cross, and they desire a foreign god. These are My people who
no longer desire Me to be their God. I Am Who Am! I Am the Lord
God. I made the Word. I Am the Word. The Word cannot change,
for I Am. There can be no other god, for I Am. But I will leave My
people to their designs, and then the time will come when all will
know the truth. My love and unfathomable mercy will never cease.
The only boundary will be what My people place before Me and their
own selves. I will never change, and I will continue to wait for all to
come to Me. All are invited. My doors will remain open for all until
the designated time when My Father closes them after He releases His
angels to unseal the scrolls of judgment for the World. Now I continue
to wait and accept even the least prayer for mercy. I continue to take
the few people of the world whose prayer is to remain faithful to Me.
I take their prayer and place it in My Most Sacred Heart. I store their
prayers and will release My mercy because of their faithfulness.
God is infinite, little one, and My people have made mockery
of My truth. Many have made mockery of My beloved Vicar on
earth and have systemized and categorized moral values. My Heart
is saddened by their denial of the truth, but I will not invade their
domineering force because of their free will and because I am not
invited to free them. I am meek, humble and gentle of heart. I love
all people; and yet, all may walk away from Me and I will still
love them. Judgment will come at the time My Father wills. Only
then will they know the opportunity of life they have forfeited by
denying the Word and revising it to meet their own designs. Pray
for all people, for unity and fidelity to God. It only takes a few lo
change the world, a few people who are committed and devoted
to the Truth at all costs. I bless you, little one, as I bless all My
people. My blessing rests on all who receive it unconditionally and
gratefully. Peace. AD DEUM.”