16. My Childhood Fear

I started, little joy of My Heart, to awaken in the night full of fear.  Night after night I would scream for My mother, “Mommy, will you rock me?”  I would clench on to her loving arms out of fear and would not let go without a struggle.  I did not want to go to sleep.  I did not want to be alone.  I wanted My mother to be by My side forever.  “Mommy, be by me.  What’s back there?  I think there’s a snake.  You better stay by Me.”  

In the morning I would be full of energy and play.  My mother tried to teach Me to be strong, to stand alone, and to learn My own individual characteristics.  She would tell Me how many angels surrounded Me for My protection, and that I should never fear because Love surrounded Me.  

I had to go through that phase and live fear for all My precious children who today experience fear.  I am with them and will come to their aid and comfort.  Sadly, many children today do not have a parent to comfort and rock them or to console them.

(New scene)

17. The Good Shepherd

Well, today is a great day!  My father enters our humble home and he says, “Little Jesus, come, Son. I have something for You for helping me clean my carpentry tools.”

“What? What is it, dad?” I asked as I darted towards the door.

“Well, come see,” said My father; and as I walked outside, there My eyes rested upon a baby white lamb held in My father’s arms.  

“Oh, daddy, it’s a baby sheep.”  

It’s a lamb, Son.”

“Oh, My little babe, come here.  Don’t be afraid.  It’s only Me.  Come here, little lamb.”  

“This lamb needs a good home and someone to take good care of him, Son.”  

“Can I, dad?  Can I?  I will take good care of him.  Come, here, My little babe.”

“Well”, said dad, “do You know how to be a shepherd?  A shepherd knows all his little lambs.  They know their master’s voice and will follow him wherever he goes.  Even if a stranger tries to call them away, they will not leave their master; for they know the true voice of their shepherd.  If one lamb is lost, the shepherd will find him and even risk leaving the others until the lost lamb is found; because the good shepherd will lay down his life for his sheep.  There can be but one flock and one shepherd.”

“Oh, we can all rejoice together, daddy.  You will see, I promise to be a good shepherd.  Call me the Good Shepherd, OK?”

“Alright, my Son, here You are; Your first little lamb.”  

I took the precious little white lamb and gently put him down, and then raised My arms high to embrace My father with a hug.

“Oh thank you, dad. Thank you. I love you.”  I then put my little lamb in the wooden wagon (made for me by My dad), and I strolled off pulling My wagon saying, “You want to go for a little ride, little one?” 

The scene ends there, little one.  My first lamb, white as snow, without a flaw!  Just as pure as a newborn babe, innocent and helpless!  Ponder My joy. Peace.