My dear little one.

Praised be Jesus! Little one, the evil one is trying desperately to cause division and work in every circumstance towards deception and darkness. If you listen and act on what I ask, you will be protected from all harm.

Begin practicing and living my words in your own life. Do not be fearful and do not dwell on negativity. Instead, abandon fully to my Son. Nothing is safer than the way of self-abandonment. You have a great gift of Faith. Faith allows you to accept with joy everything that happens. Your mind attempts to interpret issues when you focus on negativity. Do not allow that to happen. Think positively. Let the Light in your heart shine. If you abandon unto Jesus, the results will be victorious. He will grace you in every moment to act virtuously. His Love and action are boundless in scope and power.

Continue to surrender daily to Him. As you empty yourself, He will fill you abundantly. I love you and I am with you.


Ad Deum