September 1, 2023
My dear little children praised be Jesus!
Do not hold on to injustice! Forgive and leave justice to Divine Mercy. Do not keep holding on to negativity or circumstances, past or currently, that can affect your emotion and cause the sin of anger. My daughter has endured many injustices and understands this emotion. Let go and give it to God. It is God the Father who will uphold His Justice at the proper time. You are invited to pray for His Mercy. Focus on His transformational beauty of good things, His Love and Mercy. Trust in God. He wants all of you, not bits and pieces.
There is a cosmic battle over the world. Demons strive to use any spiritual and moral issue. Their patterns are consistent, so it is important to obey the commandments and receive the sacrament of reconciliation. The importance of your dignity and integrity is at hand. Look at the destruction from infidelity to the sixth commandment with pornography and child abuse and sexual sins.
My Joseph is the most powerful saint. He is the TERROR of DEMONS. Seek his protection and his cloak of humility.
I love and I am with you. I am not leaving the Center of My Immaculate Heart in Emmitsburg. Maryland. I will not abandon you. The Truth cannot be stifled or stopped. Chattering and fear is useless. Prayer and love silences deceitfulness. TRUST in Jesus!
Peace to you. Thank you for responding to my call.
Ad Deum