“Utilize prudence in all you do and say, and you shall see with the eyes of God, His loving Hand guiding each situation in your life. Prudence teaches you to wait, pray, and not to act on emotion but out of love.”(From Gianna below)

How often does our ego jump in front of us and cause us to act in ways we aren’t happy with after the fact, or even in ways we end up apologizing for? Whether it’s our spouse, kids, coworkers, “sworn enemies,” or people with whom we volunteer, I think most of us have responded to things other people have done in ways that are confrontational and counter productive over the course of our lives. I think much of it has to do with the things we read, or watch on television, where justice is always solved through confrontation, and everything gets wrapped up in a satisfactory manner in the course of an hour. But real life isn’t like that. We don’t always get to take people with whom we disagree to court, or hit them, or as most of us have witnessed probably thousands of times in westerns and crime dramas, shoot them. Sadly, I do occasionally have thoughts go through my head about doing all of the above, but prayer, and hopefully “prudence and discernment” tend to take the place of manifested anger, and put us in a place of ease. We have to ask God to make us humble, and to turn on His Light of Love for us, that we approach another’s pain or aggression in a way that reflects that light in peace and harmony with His will. We may even have to endure some form of chastisement in the process, but that’s the time when we need to take our problems and prayers to the foot of the cross. To remember the ultimate act of self sacrifice that Jesus endured for us that we might go forth with that same humility. To plant seeds of discernment that others might follow, as opposed to fomenting more anger, which always leads to adversity and distrust. We are called to love, and we are called to be the light. I pray that all of us go forth and keep the light of His love alive, as it does in fact “endure forever” through our positive choices. In perfect love. All in and totally His.❤️🙏

As told to Gianna Talone Sullivan, I am your Jesus of Mercy Vol V
In Assisi
September 13, 1995
The Gifts of Prudence and Discernment
“My little one, praise be to God the Father, tender, kind and all-giv-
ing. As I continue to teach My people, I desire for them to learn to
utilize prudence and the gift of discernment. It is most necessary to
always test the spirit of humanness against that which is Divine. All
that is from God will bear good fruit and will come to pass in God’s
time. Patience and endurance are necessary in order to remove the
human ways from being obstacles to that which is Divine. The
fragrance* that bears good fruit carefully and quietly unfolds in
God’s time. Many times God’s time seems slow to mankind. But
according to God’s standard, time is eternity and all that is good is
molded and unfolds with the gentle stroke of the Father’s Hand. (*
Good wine must ferment for many years to receive the savoring,
delicate taste to the lips.)
This is not to say that one who is good shall not suffer or be
afflicted with temptations. In suffering is gained patience. If you are
ostracized, it does not mean you are bearing bad fruit. Remember
the false prophets were highly praised by many people. No, when
you are scorned and troubled, mocked, ridiculed and slandered, the
fruit you bear is fermenting from bitterness to savoring sweetness.
Therefore, be at peace when God allows you to be chastised and
pressed through the mill of sweet graces. Utilize prudence in all
you do and say, and you shall see with the eyes of God His loving
Hand guiding each situation in your life. Prudence teaches you to
wait, pray, and not to act on emotion but out of love. Discernment
teaches you counsel and allows you to weigh what is good and bad,
and what you must do to follow Me. Avoid evil with silence and
love. Do not partake in evil by fighting back. Genuinely love and
focus on Me and your journey. Discernment teaches you to focus.
All you do must center around Me. If it does not, then discernment
will tell you that it is not the way for you. Discernment prevents you
from straying if you utilize prudence and the counsel of its gifts.
I love all My people, yet there is much evil today. The battle
in the heavens continues. Spirits of evil are trying to confuse and
distract My beloved ones. All people can be subject unless they
pray fervently, center on Me, and utilize prudence and discernment.
Test all spirits. Desire only that which is Divine. Remain humble,
simple and meek of heart. Any confusion will dissipate with patient
endurance and fervent prayer. You will not stray nor will any forces
of evil ever conquer you if you do as I have said. I am your Lord
God, here to protect and save all My little ones, all those who desire
to be with Me, to walk with Me, to live in Me, to be Me. Bless you,
little one. Pray for peace in the world. Pray for all My people. Pray
for prudence and discernment and that all may be free and rejoice
in My love. AD DEUM.”