My dear little one, praised be Jesus.

Today, you are celebrating 33 years of joy due to my visitations. The beauty of these visitations is that you have always had confidence in me and did whatever was requested of you. You did not delay but Trusted in God’s Infallible Love. You have served me constantly, even though many people may have misunderstood your ways. It is your love, desires, mortifications, and continual Fiat that allows you to really realize how truly present Jesus is in your life and the lives of all people. You realize how truly present I am as well. Good works are never forgotten.

Over the years you have suffered tremendously through the rejections you have received from Mother Church, your own family, some friends and even chosen ones who have been invited to restore dignity healing through Love in their participation with Mission of Mercy, which, my Son commissioned you to lead. Dear ones close to your heart have marginalized and have caused a schism between you and My Son’s Works of Mercy.

The Truth will be unveiled all in due time. Your devotion to me has always been an interior one from your heart. You have been constant in desiring to do good, and you have not abandoned your spiritual exercises. You try to seek God only.

As we enter the 4th week of Advent the sign of this lit candle represents Love. You were given the charism of Love and Mercy. As a celebration of you this 32nd anniversary, the first song at Mass was your favorite; the Hail Mary, Gentle Women that was sung for 14 years at the public apparition prayer services at the Center of My Immaculate Heart, in Emmitsburg and outlying areas. A gift to remind you that I remain with you.

I thank you for the many years of the prayers requested of you to Jesus, which has pleased Him. Therefore, He listens to you. He will never leave you. If a door closes, a window will open, and He will continue to lead as He desires. He sees and knows everything. Your tears quench His Thirst, and He carries you in your weariness. My Son will purge you and allow you to grow in humility and to learn to leave toxic situations. He desires you to love yourself, so that you can heal and help others see My Son’s Love through your own brokenness.

Please know, little one, that your Mission is strong and secure.

I bless you with my most Immaculate Heart and I thank you for your continual Fiat.

I love you. Peace

Ad Deum